Jays Journal

Topics: Writing, Psychology, English-language films Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: February 4, 2007
Jay's Journal is an interesting book written by Jay. The story is about Jay and how he was led into witchcraft and the occult and using drugs by his girlfriend and others. The author tells how Jay was led into all of this, and it also tells how he got his two best friends into using the same stuff and into the occult also known as the O. The author describes how he learned that the human race was afraid of mind over matter techniques and learned how to use them himself. He was able to levitate small objects and see peoples auwa and aura. This is a great book because it helps some people that deal with the same problems to see what might happen if they choose to follow the same path. I really liked this book because it might help people deal with this type of stuff, it was written in a real person's journal and described what led to his death, and I like how it says what happened every day of his life.

One reason I like this book is because it could possibly help people who are going through these same problems he was. Jay was peer pressured by his girlfriend to steal drugs from his father's store and to use them himself. I don't know anybody that has been through the same things that he has, nor have I been through them. I think that if people read this book they would think more before they do some things and not do drugs or fool around with witchcraft. This would be a great book for teens going through the same problems.

Another reason that I really like this book is because it was and is a true story. The person who wrote in this journal was Jay himself it includes his journal, letters, and notes through out the last 2½ years of his life. I would never do...
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