Jay's Treaty and the Washington Farewell Adress

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Jay’s Treaty and Washington’s Farewell

In last stand to completely dodge other possible wars with Britain, President George Washington, a few years before his unfortunate retirement, sent John Jay to England. Most people know John Jay is a magician in solving foreign affairs and many people thought his success were no longer surprising. He arrived in England, while routinely kissing the queen’s hand, with a determination to solve out the peace treaties. After much concession, he was able to convince Britain to evacuate the Ohio Valley and pay for damages done to the recent American ship traders. Although John Jay wasn’t much of a surprise to success, he was most definitely a startle when he was failing. The British forced Jay to accept the debts of the United States of America to pay for debts during the Pre-Revolutionary accounts.

After the negotiation failure of John Jay became further famous throughout the USA, He was regarded as “damn’d archtratior, Sir John Jay.” The Jay’s Treaty also added more problems by forming an Anglo-American alliance, a problem that Washington repeatedly proved that it would cause more debts and feuds throughout the nation.

After Washington dealt with a forceful and tiring second term, he finally decided to retire. Before ending his term, he wrote his Farewell Address to the nation in 1796 exclaiming that there should be no such thing as a permanent alliance, any political parties, and avoidance of national debts. The government, in spite of Washington’s strong arguments, ignored the Farewell Address. His contributions to the American nation have been invaluable on acquiring independence and setting the first step on the stability of the American government. He has repeatedly kept the USA out of foreign and oversea wars. Washington…the first
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