Jaws: Movie Review

Topics: Steven Spielberg, Jaws, Roy Scheider Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: April 14, 2011
Answer the following questions in proper english grammer and format. (Which means don't write like you talk or blog but as if you were answering test questions)

1. What was your favorite part of the movie jaws and Why?
My favorite part of jaws was when Roy Scheider a.k.a Chief Martin Brody was talking to his wife Ellen Brody outside and was yelling to his son to get out of the boat that was docked. Ellen thought that Martin was over reacting and just stressed after the recent shark attack. She tried to argue his wishes. After Ellen saw the book Martin was reading with a shark attacking a boat she panic and was rasher than Chief Brody. I loved this part of the movie because it reminded me of something my mother would do.

2. Utilizing one of the elements of production from chapters 1-3, describe its use in a scene from jaws (ex. costume elements for the extras in the beach scenes, or use of practical lighting in the night scenes) In film editing, a wipe is a gradual spatial transition from one image to another. One image is replaced by another with a distinct edge that forms a shape. This film technique was used during the beach scene that Chief Brody was first informed of a possible shark attack. Chief Brody is very tense and is diligently watching the citizens in the water. As people walk back and forth in front of the camera the shots are reestablished on Chiefs Brody’s expressions and then back to the citizens swimming. The wipe effect was successfully executed.

3. Were you able to suspend disbelief? Why? or Why not? If why not explain the particular moment in the movie that made you stop believing in the story. I was able to suspend disbelief. Steven Spielberg does an amazing job at capturing the audience and captivating their minds into the story. To the point that you are just wondering what is going to happen next not if it is possible for it to happen. When you first watch the movie you are not thinking that it is not possible for a shark...
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