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English 11

Hero's Journey Narrative: Jaws

Jaws was a movie that was made which clearly represents itself as a movie that follows a Hero's Journey Narrative. The Journey begins with The Call, as part of the Departure. The Call begins once Sheriff Brody is first made aware of the shark attack that happens, before several more break out. He essentially accepts The Call by looking further into the attack, in case more come to his attention. The Initiation begins with the Apotheosis, after Brody discovers more shark attacks because he then possesses more knowledge on how to approach the problem. Finally, the Return begins and ends with the freedom To Live, where the town and all its citizens can swim in the water without having to worry about any sharks, because they are all dead.

The first aspect of the Hero's Journey Narrative to represent itself was the “departure”. The Call starts here when Brody learns about the first shark incident. The Acceptance also happens here, as Brody begins looking into the incident so he can prevent them. Sheriff Brody finds out about this when a report is made about a shark attack on the island of Amity. The mayor was skeptical about telling the public it was a shark attack because he wanted to maintain the July4th income, but Sheriff Brody really wanted it closed because he feared for the citizens attending the beaches because he has the qualities of a hero. He embarks into a journey of finding out what kind of shark was causing these attacks, and the whole story revolves around him trying to get to the bottom of the matter. Through the departure, Brody doesn't look into the attacks too much, especially because the mayor doesn't want citizens to hear about it. After the first shark attack, the departure is pretty much over, and the first signs of the initiation begin to unfold.

The next phase in the Hero's Journey Narrative is the “initiation”. This phase begins with the Apotheosis. This...
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