Java-Based Arp Poisoning Project - Abstract

Topics: Address Resolution Protocol, Internet Protocol, Ethernet Pages: 2 (293 words) Published: April 14, 2013
TYPE OF DOCUMENT: Technical Study
AMA Computer Colelge, Baguio City, Philippines
Host Network Connectivity Blocker/Unblocker is a java based network program that was made through various researches, studies and implementation of acquired knowledge.
The purpose of this research is to study network connectivity under a Local Area Network(LAN) and the concepts behind it. The researchers aim to design a network program that will be used to prove and justify host network connectivity. The researchers would also like to develop the network program using a non-native language (java).

This research program performs network hosts discovery, network hosts identification, blocking/cutting of host network connection and unblocking of blocked hosts.
Network hosts discovery is done by using the ARP command-line tool and accessing the ARP cache to discover connected hosts. Another way to discover hosts is to use the find IP functionality of the program.

Network hosts identification can be done by using the package of java itself. The users host information can be retrieved using a combination of package and other Windows based command-line tools.

Blocking/Unblocking functionality of the network program uses Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) spoofing or also known as ARP poisoning technique. ARP spoofing can be achieved using Jpcap library to build an ARP packet, Ethernet packet and other packet types. Winpcap is also used to supplement the network program in accessing the raw network resources (i.e. Winsock for Windows).

This program is used for an IPv4 network and run under Windows platform.
The program will only be used for educational purposes, thus, any network security holes exploited by this program is for education studies only.
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