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Introduction Essay

Professor: Polly Wainwright
Subject: introduction to Programming 1
Name: Suraj Narukulla
ID: 3845728
Date: 07/06/2014

In early's 1990 Sun Microsystems created a technology named interactive TV and this TV required a special language to run different machines at same time. At this time there comes a language called Java and eventually in 1994 after the failure of Interactive TV Java project team switched their focus to the web. On May 23rd 1995 the director of Sun Microsystems along with co-founder and executive vice president Netscape announced to the world about the Java. There is only 30 pepole team when java was started. Development of java has taken step by step process. There are many versions in Java like Versions 1.0 and 1.1 are the initial release of Java. Java 2 (Version 1.2), Kestrel (Java 1.3), Merlin (Java 1.4), Tiger (Version 1.5.0; Java SE 5), Mustang (Version 1.6.0; Java SE 6) and Dolphin (Version 1.7.0; Java SE 7) are the some versions of Java. Why Java language was created?

Java is one of the computer programming languages. In this language computer programmers write set of instructions using English commands instead of using numeric codes to execute certain task. Java language can be easily written and read by humans so it's called "high level language". Once Java program is written using high-level instructions it's translated to numeric codes because computer can understand program only in numeric version. Java language was very simple to use. Java language was developed from the ideas of C++. C++ is also a one of the powerful language but there is one drawback about it i.e., syntax of C++ is very complex. Java language is very simple to use and more powerful. Java provides high level of security so it's used in the mobile devices were the information’s transferred over the networks. Java is a protable language was it can be used in any operating systems or in any hardware. Programmers have many advantages about java because it can work different types of machines. Two types of programs applications and applets can be created using Java language. Output of Java is byte code. The main difference between Java and C++ is Java doesn't use pointers because they are insecure and troublesome. Java doesn't include some features of C++ and this improves the performance of java. For example Java doesn't support destructors, multiple inheritance, templates and it doesn't have delete operator. Distinct Features:

Java is an object oriented language. The distinct features of java are Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Inheritance, and Abstraction. Encapsulation. This is one of the distinct features in java programming language to protect data from outside of the class. In this technique fields are made in private class and these felids can be accessed through public methods. Polymorphism: The word polymorphism means a state having different forms. When this concept comes to java programming language it refers to the ability of language to process different objects using a single interface i.e., child class object is referred by using parent class. In this method object can be accessed through only a reference variable. Reference variable can't be changed once it declared. Polymorphism is divided into two types: Compile time polymorphism (Static binding) and Runtime polymorphism (dynamic binding). Example for Compile time polymorphism is method overloading and example for Runtime polymorphism is method overriding. Inheritance: Inheritance in java programming language means extending one class using another class. There are two classes in Inheritance Sub class and Super class. Sub class extends the class and the class extended by sub class is Super class. During this process one object gains from the other object. Existing code can be used again by using...

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