Jaundice Symptoms

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Jaundice symptoms

Extreme weakness, headache, fever

The symptoms of jaundice are extreme weakness, headache, fever, loss of appetite, severe constipation, nausea, and yellow discoloration of the eyes, tongue, skin, and urine. 

Dull pain in the liver region

The patient may also feel a dull pain in the liver region. Obstructive jaundice may be associated with intense itching. 


Jaundice causes

Jaundice Symptoms, Causes, Remedy and Diet

Obstruction of the bile ducts

Jaundice may be caused by an obstruction of the bile ducts which normally discharge bile salts and pigment into the intestine. The bile gets mixed with blood and this gives a yellow pigmentation to the skin. The obstruction of the bile ducts could be due to gallstones or inflammation of the liver, which is known as hepatitis, and is caused by a virus.

Haemolytic anaemia, typhoid, malaria

Other causes of jaundice are haemolytic anaemia and certain diseases affecting the liver such as typhoid, malaria, yellow fever, and tuberculosis.

Home remedies for Jaundice

Jaundice home remedies and natural cures, Questions and answers 

Jaundice treatment using Bitter Luffa

The juice of bitter luffa is regarded as an effective remedy for jaundice. It is obtained by pounding and squeezing the bitter luffa through cloth. The juice should be placed on the palm of the hand and drawn up through the nostrils. This will cause a profuse outflow of a yellow-coloured fluid through the nostrils. The toxic matter having been evacuated in a considerable quantity, the patient will feel relieved. This is, however, a strong medicine and may cause side-effects like giddiness, migraine, and, at times, high fever for a short duration in patients with a delicate nature. Its use should, therefore, be avoided by such patients. If the juice of green bitter luffa is not available, it can be substituted by two to three drops of the fluid obtained by soaking its dry crusts overnight in water. This will produce an identical effect. Seeds of bitter lnffa which are easily available can also be used for the same purpose after rubbing in water.

Jaundice treatment using Radish Leaves

The green leaves of radish are another valuable remedy for jaundice. The leaves should be pounded and their juice extracted through cloth. Half a litre of this juice should he taken daily by an adult patient It induces a healthy appetite and proper evacuation of bowels, and this results in gradual decrease of the trouble. In most cases, complete cure can be ensured within eight or ten days.

Jaundice treatment using Tomato

Tomatoes are valuable in jaundice. A glass of fresh tomato juice, mixed with a pinch of salt and pepper, taken early in the morning, is considered an effective remedy for this disease.

Jaundice treatment using Snake Gourd Leaves

The leaves of snake gourd have also been found useful in jaundice. An infusion of the leaves should be prepared by mixing 15 gm of dry leaves in 250 ml of boiling water. Next, a decoction of coriander seeds in 500 ml of water till it is reduced by one-third. The infusion should be given in doses of 30 to 60 ml, mixed with the decoction of coriander seeds, thrice daily.

Jaundice treatment using Pigeon Pea Leaves

The green leaves of pigeon pea, a leguminous plant-the beans of which are used for dals-are considered useful in jaundice. The juice extracted form these leaves should be taken in doses of 60 ml daily. Marked improvement will follow its use.

Jaundice treatment using Almonds, Dried Dates and Cardamoms

A mixture of almonds, dried dates and cardamoms is regarded as an effective remedy for jaundice. Eight kernels of almonds, two dried dates, and five small cardamoms should be soaked overnight in water. The outer coating of the almond kernels and the inner seeds of dried dates should be removed the next morning and the whole material should be rubbed into a fine paste. Then , fifty grams of sugar and an equal...
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