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Topics: Novel, Compassion, Blame Pages: 1 (348 words) Published: August 5, 2013
Choose a character: Jasper Jones
How did you respond to that character? What elements of the construction of the character encouraged that response?

In the novel, Jasper Jones, written by Australian Author, Craig Silvey, Jasper Jones is constructed to be a rebellious, mixed-race and ambiguous figure of danger and intrigue for Charlie. I found Jasper a fascinating character as he would present himself as being tough and walk around town as the “towns menace”, however deep down he is compassionate, altruistic, quiet and thoughtful as well as being independent and rebellious through conflict within community, within himself and within his father. Jasper’s complex personality makes him an interestingly humane character with a strong heart but just brought up in a troubled home.

Jasper Jones has to deal with Laura’s death in a way that makes him not only regretful, but also makes him somewhat blame himself for it. His admirable traits, being his compassion and fire, show that he is willing to walk with his head held high and carry on with his life despite the conflict he has within. Conflict within in the community makes him initially been seen as a rebellious thief, as in the first chapters he is said to be, “a Thief, a Liar, a Thug, a Truant. He’s lazy and unreliable. He’s a feral and an orphan, or as good as. He is an example of where poor aptitude and attitude will lead”. These “labels” that are put on him by society, and the way that Jasper proves himself to be otherwise, makes him an admirable character and represents those who are marginalized in society.

As the novel progress, this rebellious, “town menace”, slowly shows other traits such as his emotion and thoughtfulness. He uses these characteristics to subtly persuade the reader to see Jasper as polo opposite character to what the community thinks. Jasper plans to run away with Laura before her death, but then returns to countless questions and accusations. He blames himself for his death but...
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