Jason Dov Greenblett and the Art of Being Tactical

Topics: Rio de Janeiro, 2016 Summer Olympics, Olympic Games Pages: 3 (969 words) Published: April 22, 2014

Jason Dov Greenblatt has been working for and with Donald trump just over 16 years. As the Executive Vice President and General Counsel for Trump Industries. As a religious individual he believes it is important to pass down traditional practices, for he is an Orthodox Jew. As an individual who practices his religion, there have been multiple occurrences where Jason misses business deals and his partner Donald allows for him to go home and pray. His work environment is one that respects individuals daily practices and ways of life. Behind the scenes, Jason has a wife and six children. In correlation with his religion and passion, he created a program called Latte and Learning. (YU Alumnus) The intention is that Jewish Youth can bond and create a better understanding of their religion in a relaxing cafe environment. (Latte and Learning) As a father of triplets, Jason’s family have an organization called Triplets For A Cause. (YU Alumnus) The organization has an intention to listening to peoples cause recommendations and help create solutions that contribute to the overall cause. (Greenblatt) As for Trump Industries, Jason oversees numerous responsibilities ranging from “business including sales, marketing, business development, online product development, … consultative sales and sales management capacities across online, print and event sponsorships media platforms.” He is also known for “packaging problem solving advertising solutions for clients and agencies.” (Dov Greenblatt) Some of the companies upcoming projects include development of a hotel in Rio and Donald will be involving himself in a possible election. Both of these events seem to correlate with strategizing an underline plan that is favorable for the organization, and of course their clientele. In 2016, Trump Enterprise will be opening Rio’s High End Hotel. There are three prominent current events that are or will contribute towards creating a flow of traffic to the location and why this makes...

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