Jason and Medea

Topics: Jason, Greek mythology, Argonauts Pages: 3 (861 words) Published: February 23, 2009
Hero, Even After Medea?

Jason, a mortal, lived a heroic life. He went through adventures, and proved to have traits that are common to a hero, even though he stumbled at one point in his life. Overall Jason can be considered a hero because he had most characteristics of a hero, albeit he does allow Medea to complicate his life.

Royalty existed in Jason’s blood. Jason, being the son of the king and queen of Iolclus, was a royal child. That means he had a noble birth, a characteristic that is necessary for a hero to have. Throughout Jason’s life, he was granted magical powers, which were very significant on his journeys. On his journey to retrieve the Golden Fleece, Juno granted Jason the power to control the wind. Along Jason’s adventure, he met and married Medea. She possessed were powerful powers, which she used to aid him. She used her powers to cause the dragon guarding the Golden Fleece to fall asleep, allowing Jason to steel the fleece. Along with receiving magical abilities, Jason also obtained many amulets throughout his heroic life. One of the most important of the amulets was a talking figurehead for the front of his ship, the Argo. This amulet was very important, for his journey. “… and it would occasionally vouchsafe sage counsel…” (234). Only a true hero would be granted an item with such an essential ability.

Entering a new world is one of the first things a hero must do to begin their journey. They are crossing the threshold. Jason first crosses the threshold when he navigates the Argo through the Symplegades. The Symplegades were two rocks that blocked the hero’s route in the water. “… he was obliged to pass between these rocks or give up the expedition…” (235). He overcame an obstacle and crossed the threshold. If it weren’t for his thinking, their journey would have ended there. Along Jason’s journey he fought numerous foes, which were supernatural. Surely only a hero could have conquered these monsters, and that is exactly what Jason...
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