Jasmine Seafood Restaurant

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Jasmine Seafood Restaurant
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From: ManKit Au-yeung Public Relation Officer


Nanaimo, Feb. 14--Jasmine Seafood Restaurant has been opened and located in Nanaimo Seaside Center last month. Jasmine Restaurant is an important investment of Jasmine’s Leisure and Entertainment unit. Also, the Departure Harbor is right beside Jasmine restaurant, it is a very special tourist attraction.

The restaurant can accommodate maximum 40 tables include 10 booth seats. Moreover, it has an elegant function room that enable people to use for the business meeting or personal celebration.

Seafood is the theme of Jasmine Restaurant, and they provide a largest seafood menu selection to the customers in Nanaimo. There are some signature dishes in Jasmine Restaurant. For example: Fried Crab with Curry, Braised Dried Abalone and Baked Lobster with Cheese etc. Besides, the chefs who are hired by Jasmine Restaurant, they all have over 10 years experience on seafood cooking.

Mr. Chan is a supervisor in Jasmine Restaurant, and he has 20 years experience to manage the restaurants in China. He immigrated in Canada in 2007, and he is living in downtown Nanaimo with his wife May-Ling, a manager at Jasmine Restaurant.

In the interview, Mr. Chan said, “I was kind of disappointed at the first time that I tried the Chinese seafood in other restaurants in Nanaimo. It does not mean that their Chinese seafood is not delicious. It is just not really traditional. After that, I got an idea immediately. I should open my own restaurant in Nanaimo, and provide the orthodox Chinese seafood to Canadian. Even though the prices are little bit expensive, I can guarantee that our Chinese seafood is fresh and...
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