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Jasmine Revolution

By jiaxin0709 Mar 15, 2013 461 Words
The jasmine revolution is a people's revolutionary, it revolution involved the government and common people. Jasmine revolution originated from country of Tunisia and a boy in the Tunisia. It popular uprising in Tunisia that protested against corruption, poverty, and political repression and forced Pres. The demonstrations and riots were reported to have started over unemployment, food inflation, corruption, freedom of speech and poor living conditions. The protests constituted the most dramatic wave of social and political unrest in Tunisia in three decades and have resulted in scores of deaths and injuries. The success of the uprising, which came to be known in the media as the “Jasmine Revolution,” inspired a wave of similar protests throughout the Middle East and North Africa. What factor causes the jasmine revolution? The history of the jasmine revolution involved a story. Between on 2010 and 2011, the Mohamed Bouazizi was a street vendors but he was roughed up by law enforcement officers. The young man just graduated from college, but the economic downturn cannot find jobs. In the economics pressure of the family, he didn’t have choice then do the street vendors. After being roughed up, the young self-immolation protest. Because of injuries too, where he died. The death of this young, it situation stirred compassion of the Tunisian, also aroused the Tunisian long-hidden anger and rising unemployment, rising prices and government corruption. Local residents and the Tunisian National Guard were happened the conflict in the Tunisia. The conflict then spread to another country. It situation affected large-scale social unrest in the country. the country of Tunisia continuing protests to asked the president Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali to step up in the politics of the Tunisia and evolved to the continuing unrest. Jasmine is the national flower of Tunisia, this regime change is also known as "Jasmine Revolution". Ben Ali has been in power for 23 years in the country of Tunisia. The rigidity of the political system happened at these years and he promote constitutional amendment in 2002. Under the ruling of his long-term personal, individual freedom and the news blackout in Tunisia are more serious. Although it nominally allow opposition parties to exist, but Ben Ali were long-term governance on fact in Tunisia. His cronyism is more serious, the reputation of their son-in-law was very bad in the country. People's living standard is still very difficult, but always often vigorously banquet causes the corruption. "Jasmine Revolution" was spread on Arab authoritarian countries in North Africa and the Middle East. January 18, 2011, there are two Egyptians follow the example of the unemployed youth off the Tunisian revolution of self-immolation. Many countries were occurred the self-immolation incident after the situation happened on the Tunisia.

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