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04.11 Education

Click on the wax tablet next to the question in the lesson to find the answer. Write your answers beneath the questions.

1. Who was Horace's paedogogus (tutor who walked school boys to school and home again)?
His dad

2. Why did Cato teach his son instead of having a slave as a teacher? to have him taught the same skills which any equestrian or senator would have his sons taught

3. Summarize what Juvenal says about teachers' salaries. this amount, however small ( certainly less than a rhetor earns) is further diminished by bribes to greedy paedogogues and fees to accountants

4. How did Marcus Verrius Flaccus coax his students to learn?

Gave them cookies.

5. In your own words, summarize a day in the life of a Roman schoolboy.
They would wake up, go help their families and say hello. Go to school and learn have lunch then go home.

6. Was public education free and mandatory? no 7. What subjects did Roman boys study in grammar school? letters on public inscriptions. learned how to divide things into hundreds and work out percentages and know weights, measures and currency

8. From any of the sites linked above, list three other interesting facts about Roman Education.
1. A young Roman maiden's marriage engagement was usually arranged at a meeting of friends at her father's house when articles of the marriage contract or engagement were settled and when it was also agreed about the payment of the dowry
2. The bride was dressed in a white ankle-length tunic
3. In the Republic money was minted in the Temple of Juno Moneta on the Capitoline Hill

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