Jared Diamond - Pizarro and Atahualpa

Topics: Francisco Pizarro, Inca Empire, Atahualpa Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: September 15, 2013
Jared Diamond Essay/Notes –Pizarro and the Inca emperor, Atahualpa

The European nation relationships first encounter was between the Inca emperor, Atahualpa and the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro. Francisco Pizarro had come with an army of 108 men, against Atahualpa’s army of 80,000. Francisco Pizarro believed in the same similar concepts to manifest destiny. He (and his army) massacred many, by tricking the emperor to come unarmed. Furthermore he confused the Indians with loud noises, and technological advances in weapons never seen before by the Incas. The Spaniards were cunning, but fierce to the extent, of one of the eye witnesses at the Battle, for the Spanish Side, said, “Many of us urinated without noticing it, out of sheer terror.” The population of the army of the Incas was so huge, and luxurious that it worried the Spaniards, thinking they would be defeated. Contradictory to what the Governor had told a messenger from Atahuallpa, “No harm or insult will befall him.” (Him meaning Atahuallpa) However the Spaniards were very deceitful and had already planned to kill the Incas. This is proven in the next passage from the same source, where the man documents the orders Francisco Pizarro had told his military. Why wasn’t it the opposite? One reason for this was the lack of sea fare for the Incas. While the Spanish were known for their ruthlessness for finding new areas to dominate the Incas were known for a lesser extent. Thus, Pizarro had to sail overseas, from Spain to Panama, all across the Atlantic, while the Incas did not have access to this type of technology to invade the Spaniards. The Battle of Cajamarca took place on November 16, 1532.

One reason for Atahuallpa’s easy capture was the discrepancy of word from mouth. He believed that the Spaniards were not formidable opponents and that they lacked social and military order. Also from word of mouth, Atahuallpa believed that the Spaniards could easily be defeated with only 200 indians. The...
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