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Topics: Agriculture, Proximate and ultimate causation, Fertile Crescent Pages: 4 (1532 words) Published: October 9, 2013
1. a) According to Diamond, the acquisition, timing, and the spread of agriculture are the ultimate causes of inequalities but not one of the proximate causes. These proximate (immediate) causes consist of the highly advanced Eurasian technology, centralized governments, and the lethal germs carried by the conquerors. Proximate causes are determined by environmental ultimate causes.

b) Yali’s question is a question many cultures and historians have tried to answer. Even though it is a simple question many have found it hard to answer. Jared Diamond has attempted to answer his question the best he can. One explanation given is that the climate in Europe and some parts of northern Asia have invoked a ‘genetic’ advancement. These people needed to adapt and provide for themselves more than the people in tropical areas. Cold climates required more technology to survive such as a warm home and clothing. More specifically Diamond has three specific arguments on how the Eurasia area evolved faster. These arguments consisted of flora, faunal, and geographic factors.

The floral argument entails of the unequal conflicts between the have and have-of societies especially with farm power. In comparison between Europe and tropical areas there were different plants that helped with the growth of the population. What made Europe and the Fertile Crescent become more sustainable was the cultivation of wheat and barley, this lead to the development of farming. Farming was a key component to the raising of crops to feed the people. Once there was more food for cultures, people started to stay in permanent locations and started to build societies.

As people started to have more permanent settlements, the domestication of animals came into play. Faunal led to a consistent source of protein and depending on the animal dairy. Also when you were done harvesting your crops you could turn your animals onto the remains of crops so there was less waste. Faunal also...
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