Jar of hearts

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Jar of hearts
“Mom, why do the best people die first?” she answers “When you’re in a garden which flower do you pick out?” and I say “the best one.” That made me wonder, what if I’m not one of the best? What if I’m left with the worst ones? Most importantly, what if all my loved ones go first? Some people believe that getting close and making relations only ends in misery because there is always going to be a good bye, but that’s not the reason why it’s sad, it’s sad because deep inside you know that the next hello won’t be the same. Those people, in my opinion are hardly mistaken, because even though people leave, die, or even disappear. Memories are what you’re left with. Not only memories, but also advice, experience, laughter, sadness joy, and pain. Parting away from the people you love can cause grief and depression if you don’t know how to move on. Sadness is a normal process that you go through after any separation, but you can’t let that control you. Moving on is hard but necessary. Collecting people’s love and happiness and loyalty while giving it back spreads joy all around us and surrounds us with a loving aura. Sometimes you meet people that make you appreciate the ones around you! To find the right hearts, you go through a few jerks and losers. Not everyone you’ll meet will be kind and understanding; some might even be critical and judgmental, but “easy comes easy goes” and to find the right group of people, you face a hard time

Other people try to live their life to the fullest, not wasting a moment of their time in regret or misery, but being happy with the people they’re surrounded with. They cherish and enjoy the moments they have while they last. Love whether given or received is an amazing feeling that can change you completely. Whether it’s between you and your friend, your parents, your soul mate. It is truly the closest thing a human has to magic. A new...
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