Japanese rubbish system

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Japanese Rubbish System

1) Burnable trash is you basic trash. Put food and wrappers and bags in here. Actually, most trash is deposited in the burnable section. 2) PET bottles, which means plastic bottles, which must be separated. Rip off the wrapper and rinse out the PET bottle. Then you (should) flatten it as much as possible. 3) Donboru (cardboard.) If it’s just a tiny piece then most people put it in burnable trash, but if you get a care package from home you’ll want to put the box out with the rest of your cardboard. To do this you are suppose to stack up your cardboard and tie a string around it. 4) Bin means glass. Bin No Hi comes once a month as well, and it’s the day you put out all your glass bottles. Don’t put these in bags, or the trash men will slap a big red DA-ME (no good) sticker on them. 5) Metal cans must be flattened and separated. Metal can day, as you can guess, comes once a month. 6) For oversized rubbish like old chairs, TV’s, or appliances, there’s Sodai gomi no hi. Just set these outside. But not if they’re too big or they won’t get picked up. 7) There’s a day for futons and makura (pillows) too. Once a month!

This system of sorting out rubbish is much more complicated to how it is here in Perth. Perth only has 2 categories for rubbish to be separated into and has a day for collecting oversized rubbish, but that’s it! Japan has well over 5 categories of rubbish.

I think the Perth system of sorting out rubbish is better because it is so much more easy to do and convenient for the person that is sorting out their trash. It is also better because there are trucks that come around to collect the rubbish from your bins instead of you having to go to the rubbish collection area. It is also not very nice for people who have to bear the shame of sorting out their trash again just for making a small mistake. But Japan may have a good reason to have such a complicated rubbish system like this because they have a larger population and...
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