Japanese Internment (Diary)

Topics: Japanese American internment, Hawaii, Nazi concentration camps Pages: 2 (716 words) Published: September 25, 2001
My name is Makino Toshio and I am a second generation Japanese-American. My father moved to Hawaii before coming to the mainland, like most Japanese-Americans. Before World War II, I worked on a Japanese truck farm. When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, tension was bad for any Japanese-American in the United States. Many people in the United States did not trust people with Japanese ancestry. A store that I usually shop at had a sign in the window saying, "We don't want any Japs back here-EVER! Within hours after the bombing of Pearl Harbor at Hawaii, FBI agents went house to house and rounded up 1,212 Japanese in the U.S. mainland and Hawaii islands. Most of the arrests were prominent leaders in Japanese communities. All of them were taken to unknown destinations and treated as Prisoners of War. Even Japanese-Americans who were born in this country were mistakenly thought to be loyal to Japan. There were a lot of rumors that Japanese Americans were helping Japan by using special codes to make contact with them. There is no evidence that Japanese Americans were spying for Japan. In Spite of the fact that there was absolutely no proof that Japanese Americans were disloyal to America, the federal government and its leaders decided that no one of Japanese ancestry could live in the west coast of the United States. On the morning of February 19, 142, President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066, which began this prohibition. News came to use that we were going to have to move to internment camps. We had a couple months to prepare to go to the internment camps. Some people in other areas only had a couple of days. We learned about the Relocation Centers through posters that had been posted and from talking to other people. The United States called it a Relocation Center so it didn't sound as harsh as internment camp. Other than that we heard nothing and had no idea what to expect. We had to report to Tulare Relocation Center. We had no idea how long we...
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