Japanese Culture

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Final Paper: The Japanese Culture
Thesis Statement
Japan is an oriental country of charms, customs, trends and technology. It’s a land where many dreams come true in different ways for people as they can fulfill their desires in many different ways. Japanese culture can be mainly known because; 》It’s the land of the geisha(芸者),

》It’s home of big companies such as Sony, Toyota and Nintendo. 》It’s home of the most known Role Playing Games such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. 》Of its popular music. Japanese music is starting to trend world widely. 》Of the Anime. Being pretty popular; Ranma 1/2 , Shin-chan, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece and more 》Of the Manga, a Japanese comic, trends in its country and outside it. 》Japanese fashion styles are having a big impact in many countries. 》Of the feared Yakuza mafia.

The culture of the people of Japan is one of harmony. This paper explores the most important facts about Japanese popular culture and some influences of Japan’s culture outside its country.
☆The Geisha
Geishas are women and men who are educated to perform different tasks. The word Geisha means, one trained in arts. Originally there were male geishas, but, eventually, female Geisha became more popular. Their main field is entertainment. They serve tea, stay close to someone, dance. “Geisha may present a single image to foreigners, but within Japan as many differences exist among them as there are varieties of roses” (L Dalby – Geisha XIV - XV) They are trained at Geisha houses. At first, they undergo a 5-year period training, before they are Geisha. In the past, families would take their young daughters to one of these houses. First they are assigned house chores. All geisha learn how to keep a haouse neat first. They learn to serve food, them they are trained in other things. Their look consists of using white make up,  black eyebrows and lined eyes. They fully wear make up, only for special occasions. Regularly, they might leave some parts of the back of their necks in normal days. Before World War II they were like models, the trend was a kimono. After the war, clothes from other countries got into Japan and people started modifying their looks. They offer graceful presence “All new geisha go through a period of miranai or learning by observation” (L Dalby – Geisha XV) “They must learn that nothing they do is as an individual” (L Dalby – Geisha XVII) With time and the new generations, the number of Geisha across Japan has steadily been reduced. This happens as young people care less about self-sacrifice thoughts of their parents. The main concentration of Geisha is in Kyoto. The least number of Geisha in Japan is in its capital, Tokyo, still there are a few groups. The clothes of a Geisha can be as heavy as 40 pounds and they still need to have a sweet and have a graceful aura.

There’s one confusing fact in Geisha history. After the war with the US, returning soldiers said that they had been with a Geisha, meaning they had sexual encounters. People started to think of geisha as prostitutes. They called them “gee-sha girls” The thing is that the soldiers were with women who falsely called themselves Geisha. As from them this conception haunted Geisha. In conclusion, Geisha are the best entertainer in Japan. They are people trained to sing, dance, perform ceremonies or serve as inspiration. Many people feel attracted to Geisha mystery. I think they are something really graceful of Japan. ☆Japan’s big companies

Japan is a lead country in technology advancement. Some of the best electro domestic brands come from this country, Japan. Sony corporation is one of the biggest companies in the world. It produces stuff related to video, videogames, audio and electric appliances. Toshiba is also a known name related to electronics. Another highly known company from Japan is Nintendo. It is a videogaming company whose titles are widely known all...
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