Japanese Bonsai Essay

Topics: Bonsai, Plant, Root Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: October 13, 2012
Bonsai is the traditional tree in japan it grows in a small pot and is maintained in a smaller size than its natural growth.

Any plant that is normal can be turned into a bonsai if it can exist in a smaller version. If the plants roots are able to be trimmed and can the branches be cut and will the plant survive in a small and shallow pot.

Where can a bonsai be kept this all depends on the plant chosen and how much care and effete you put in to your bonsai. If your bonsai is quite big in small and shallow pot your bonsai will dry out quite quickly so in order to keep it nice and moist you will need to water it at least three times a day.

Bonsai’s can be kept indoors but this all depends on what type of plant you have chosen if your plant can survive in a cave by all means you might have a great indoor bonsai. Even the most recommended indoor plants barely survive.

It’s so strange how the bonsai is kept small all its life but this is how it works. A bonsai is very small but believe it all not a bonsai is a living plant and grows until the day it dies. The point on the bonsai is to create a miniature version of the plant. When you have chosen your plant you have to have some sort of idea of how big the plant will be allowed to grow. A common thing to do with a bonsais braches is to sacrifice branches these will be the first branches of your bonsai what are used to thicken your bonsai are normally removed to allow smaller branches to take their places.

What is the history of a Japanese bonsai? Well the first bonsai was found in china over a thousand years ago and it was a very simply bonsai, it was known as pun-sai, it was the practice of growing one specimen of a tree in a pot. The reason the bonsai is known by japan is because the Japanese adopted the bonsai. The bonsai was also introduced in the time of the kamakura period (1185-1333).

The five main styles of the bonsai the five most basic styles of the bonsai are...
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