Japan Nuclear Meltdown

Topics: Natural environment, Environment, Natural resource Pages: 4 (1270 words) Published: October 7, 2013
Adam Marino
Dr. Suhail Islam
Paper #2
16 April 2013

Is Nature a Problem to Technology?
In today’s day and age, technology is an uprising resource in the world. Since it’s creation, it has done wonders for the world. Technology allows tasks that could take weeks, months, or years, to be done in a matter of minutes; it’s quite remarkable actually. As technology has increased, and their possibilities have become even more limitless, there has been a negative affect on the world. Not to the humans who live in it, no, but to the nature in the world. Increased technology allows for negative effects on the environment to occur. Pollution, destruction of ecosystems, and extinction of species are just a few prime examples. It could be said that technology see’s nature as a “problem” and is on a mission to do what it can to eliminate nature and make the earth nothing more than an industrial plot with nothing environmental living on it. A critic by the name of David Abram states: “our obliviousness to nonhuman nature results from its circumscription by our civilization and its technologies.” Abram clearly states that our civilization is so wrapped up in the technological era, that we are not appreciating the nature around us and, as a result, are working against it and destroying it. This problem ties into both of the books Silent Spring and Small is Beautiful. Silent Spring deals with all things with the environment, and the people’s obliviousness to what surrounds them, and Small is Beautiful talks about economics and what is best fiscally for the civilization, and not environmentally for the world. Technology is our greatest ally, but also the world’s greatest enemy through diverting the human mind away from environmental issues, consuming limited resources on the planet quicker than necessary, and slowly destroying the environment.

Technology is something that all of us use on a daily basis. Whether it be the latest iPhone, Droid, Gameboy, etc., we all crave...
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