Japan's Health Care System

Topics: Health care, Medicine, Health economics Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Japan’s Health Care System

Shannon Crook

Type of Audience – Population of Japan/United States, Physicians, Nurses, etc.


Japan’s health care system, how it works, and how it is paid for will be the main focus of this paper. A look at the health care system for Japan and how it is essentially parallel to the reform of the American Healthcare, with the demographic/economic variables included and the depth of the information of Japan’s inspiring health rankings will unfold in contrast to the United States near the end. Outline

I. A look at Japan’s Health Care System
A. How it works/institutions/regulations
B. How it is paid for/physicians per capita/Expenditures II. Demographic/economic Variables
A. Population, growth, birth, mortality, life expectancy
B. Characteristics of municipalities
III. Health Status Rankings & Statistics
A. Why they are the healthiest in status worldwide
B. Additional Statistics
IV. Overview in comparison for the United States
In essence the question could be asked, in relation to the United States; are we being suited for a takeover? The resemblance to the reform of the American health care is undoubtedly significant. Overall the details are present and the Japan health care system is one to be admired, a system, who definitely has much to offer the United States.

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