Janitor: Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Janitors

Topics: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Environment, Employment Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: November 2, 2008

For some unfortunate people, finding a job can be a problem. However, for someone with incredibly low standards, it is one of the simplest tasks. The best solution to not being able to find a job is to be a janitor. Janitors are very important to society as their work is helpful to the environment and it keeps schools and other work places clean. It is also very easy to find a job as a janitor because janitors are needed everywhere. Finally, the one part of being a janitor that should appeal to the whole American population is that it requires no intelligence and virtually no effort. Janitors are helpful to the environment and to society by cleaning, sanitizing, and picking up after the other members of that society. They clean walls, windows, floors, and just about anything else that could need to be cleaned. This helps the environment by reducing pollution. Janitors also sanitize public facilities, such as restrooms. This keeps people healthy so they can continue to contribute to society in their own ways. Janitors are there to pick up trash discarded by other people. This is necessary because clearly people are so lazy that someone needs to be paid to make sure trash ends up in the right place. All these services make janitors very useful and therefore necessary in many places. Due to the need for a custodial staff in so many work environments, it is very easy to find work as a janitor. Many places, such as schools, are in need of janitors to clean for them. Because of this, there is a relatively high demand for janitors. Janitors also work for little pay. This means that many people can afford to hire them. Also, employers will hire just about anyone to be a janitor. This makes it even easier to find work, because janitors do not have to worry about living up to very high expectations. Certainly this is one of the easiest possible jobs to find. Finally, a career as a janitor requires little effort and no intelligence, which is ideal for American...
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