Jane Eyre Plot Summary

Topics: Jane Eyre, Teacher, Marriage Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: February 22, 2014
Jane Eyre is a young orphan being raised by Mrs. Reed, her cruel wealthy aunt. One day as punishment for fighting with her teasing cousin John, Jane’s aunt imprisons her in the ‘red-room’ – the room in which Jane’s uncle died. Whilst being locked up in the ‘red-room,’ Jane claims that she sees her uncle’s ghost and faints. She woke up to the company of Bessie and Mr. Lloyd who both decide that Jane was to be sent to the school and to Jane’s delight, Mrs. Read agrees.

The school is extremely unhygienic and not suitable for healthy living conditions. The schools head master Mr. Brocklehurst is a cruel, abusive man who seemingly used school funds to his own appeal, to provide himself a wealthy life for him and his family. At school Jane becomes close friends with a young girl named Helen, but typhus swept in and TB took Helen away from Jane. After the head teacher Mr. Brocklehurst is replaced. Jane’s life improves and greatly growing up to finish school and working there as a teacher for two years.

She soon gets offered a job as a governess at manor in the countryside called Thornfield and takes the job, teaching a lively French student called Adele. But Jane wakes up one nigh to laughing and enters Mr. Rochester’s room before saving him from a great fire around his bed, which she claims was started by a servant.

To her disappointment, Mr. Rochester leaves for sometime, coming home to Jane’s thoughts that he was to propose to Blanche, but instead asks for her hand in marriage. The wedding day comes around fast and just ads Jane and Mr. Rochester are about to voice in the vows, a man exclaims that Mr. Rochester already has a wife, Bertha. Not denying his first marriage, he explains but Jane runs away.

Due to Jane’s flee; she sleeps outside penniless and hungry until fortunately, 3 young siblings take her in an they quickly become friends. One of the siblings – St. John – finds Jane a job at a charity school nearby but to Jane’s fait she finds that her...
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