Jane Eyre Compare and Contrast

Topics: Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë, God Pages: 4 (1346 words) Published: November 21, 2008
Jane Eyre Compare and Contrast Essay
Characters in the exuberant novel Jane Eyre, written by Charlotte Bronte, have such broad yet elaborate personalities and traits so that setting them apart from one another would not be much of a challenge. One of the most important and steadfast character in this novel, Helen Burns, accepted widely by society that she resembles mostly to a missionary, in that of similar traits. Pairing a common idea, person, or object with characters clarify them to the highest degree. It is universally accepted that Helen Burns would be likened to a missionary because of her belief in God, In her ability to save someone, and because of her being rejected, like many missionaries today.

Belief in God could not be more important for Helen Burns in her understanding of life as we know it, her harsh punishments, and strict conduct shape her personality and character from a child. Without her strong faith and belief in the Lord she would not have been able to have lived life so calm and steadfast. Even though it is claimed that her faith is not shaped entirely by the Bible, she tends to have a philosophy of her own, and that is to be somewhat be an individual and basically mind your own business, and to be one’s own person. “Hush, Jane! you think too much of the love of human beings; you are too impulsive, too vehement; the sovereign hand that created your frame, and put life into it, has provided you with other resources than your self, or than creatures feeble as you.”(Bronte 8). Helen says that Jane shouldn’t care for what people think, and says that she should only be focused on the true creator of life and only make sure that she pleases him and no one else, even though she should love everybody at all times, and not arouse any problems with anybody. Helen’s faith would be the sole reason of what keeps her strong, and what eventually keeps Jane strong, as well as helping her pass away knowing that she would once and for all unite with...
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