Jane Eyre

Topics: Jane Eyre, Child abuse, Physical abuse Pages: 3 (1176 words) Published: September 25, 2005
Psychological Effects of Injustice

Everyone at one point or another has experienced some sort of injustice that has occurred within their lives. Injustice is defined in many different terms, but essentially it being treated unfair. One kind of injustice is abuse. In the novel Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte, the main character is abused at a young age. Injustices occurred everywhere in the main character, Jane Eyre's life. Jane lived at different places throughout her life which include Gateshead, Lowood, and Thornfield. Gateshead is the location where the orphan Jane grew up with her cousins, the Reeds. Lowood is the school for orphans in which Jane is sent to at the age of ten. Finally, Thornfield is one of her final residence where she is a governess and teaches Adele, who is the daughter of Mr. Rochester, the owner. Although injustices occurred throughout Jane's life, especially during her childhood at Gateshead, the effect of being treated unfair plays a key role on her psychological state throughout the rest of her life.

While at Gateshead her aunt, Mrs. Reed, refused to allow Jane to play with her cousins Eliza, John, and Georgiana. Jane retreated to reading books by herself to pass the time. Though Jane never wanted to cause any trouble between her and her cousins, John would always provoke her. Jane says, "There were moments when I was bewildered by the terror he inspired…..Mrs. Reed was blind and deaf on the subject: she never saw him strike or heard him abuse me, though he did both now and then in her very presence," (Bronte 8).

One time in particular when Jane was reading, her cousin John came into the room and started sticking his tongue out and doing other boorish things to her. Jane knew that he was going to continue to provoke her. Eventually John came and struck Jane with a book causing her great pain and she started bleeding. Mrs. Reed came down and immediately demanded that Jane get sent to the red-room . Mrs. Reed...

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