Jane Eyre

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FRQ: Jane Eyre
In the novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, the protagonist Jane Eyre deals with conflicts of feeling belonged and loved in society. Interestingly, this desire comes into conflict with her tremendously unique personality. Throughout the novel several characters assisted Jane through her struggles of gaining acceptance and love, such as: Edward Rochester, St. Johns, Mrs. Reed, and Mr. Brocklehurst. As Jane deals with the hardships of her life, Charlotte Bronte manages to portray the coming of age of a young woman and her ability to discover the joys of love and marriage in her work, despite the representation that society has placed upon her.

Throughout the novel Jane Eyre finds herself being pulled in conflicting directions by two compelling desires, one of the two being love. Jane Eyre, a quiet young girl who was not seen as “beautiful” or “charming” because of her appearance, as both governesses and orphans did not dress very pleasantly. Jane wanted so badly to be loved because she did not know what love felt like. Jane faces a conflict between her true love and her moral responsibility to God that torments her and becomes one of the most fascinating conflicts in the novel. As Jane began to mature she no longer was an orphan, but became a governess for Edward Rochester, the master of Thornfield Manor and also Byronic hero of the novel. While Jane lived at Thornfield she began to develop feelings for Mr. Rochester that she never knew existed. These feelings of happiness and hope overwhelmed Jane, but also disappointed her. Jane knew that the two could never be together because it was seen as immoral for a governess to have relations with their master. Blanche Ingram, a young woman who tries to make Jane jealous by appearing to court and is described as being very beautiful, but lacking intent and behavior. Jane was very jealous at Ingram’s jealousy acts because she knew that Blanche had a better chance of being with Mr. Rochester than she...
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