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Jane Eyre

By Glendys02 Apr 30, 2013 857 Words
Female Passions.

In the novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, the characters Jane Eyre and Bertha Mason’s feministic passions are expressed in two totally different ways. As the novel progresses Bertha Mason is living life as she always dreamed, rich and wealthy, as for Jane Eyre who was struggling to live by her principles and was paying a price for them. Jane’s female passion is expressed in her idealism, independence, straight forwardness and honesty while Bertha’s passion is expressed in a manipulative and seductive way. In the novel Jane is not very beautiful; she’s described as being simple and ordinary. As a little girl Jane always had a passion for knowledge and life. Jane wants to be in love, and finds it when she goes to work at Thornfield. Jane is a strong, passionate and rebellious character, which wasn’t the Victorian society’s view on women. Jane grows independent both financially and emotionally but she pays a price for her principles she sets for herself. Rochester, a wealthy men as well as her first love, has been trying to convince Jane to stay with him even though he’s still legally married to Bertha Mason who only married him for his money. Jane truly loves Rochester, but denies his offering even though it hurts her. Jane will never be content with being his mistress rather than his wife. Jane is not a person who settles for second best. He will never reduce her to lower her self-respect even though it may cause her to loose him. In chapter 23 Jane quotes “…Do you think, because I am poor, obscure, plain, and little, I am soulless and heartless? You think wrong! I have as much soul as you and full as much heart! And if God had gifted me with some beauty and much wealth, I should have made it as hard for you to leave me, as it is now for me to leave you…” Because of her idealism and honesty Jane wants to be in an honest relationship unlike most Victorian women whom thought was okay to cheat on you spouse. St. John Rivers, a wealthy pastor, asked Jane to join him on a trip to India as his wife and for she could continue her job as governess. Jane thinks it through, after all this will be a good opportunity to be more then a school teacher or governess, but to be a house wife, which was the role traditionally appointed to women at that time. Jane almost gave in, but says no because she is convinced that they’re not in love. That night Jane feels that Rochester was in trouble. She then travels to Thronfield eager to see him, then sees that Thornfield is burned down. In the fire Rochester lost a hand and went blind trying to save the servants and his wife from the fire. Jane then goes to visit Rochester and they take a walk in the woods. She tells him all about what happened the previous year and he even asks her again to marry him, and she says yes. They then married and live happily. After 2 years Rochester gains sight in one eye leaving him to see his first-born son. In Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, Bertha Mason is a character who is passionate. Bertha is important to the love story of the novel. Bertha is described as wild and insane with “black eyebrows widely raised over bloodshot eye” (250) and brutal with “a demonic laugh” (129). Bertha is violent and dangerous, but wasn’t always a threat. Bertha was a beautiful Creole woman from a wealthy West Indian family. Bertha her family tricked Rochester into marrying her only for his money. But she didn’t tell him that she suffers from hereditary insanity. Bertha began to turn insane, mad, and violent shortly after their marriage. Eventually, Mr. Rochester locks Bertha is in the attic at Thornfield under the supervision of Grace Poole. But Bertha occasionally escapes from her prison and causes havoc in the house until one day she permanently caused damage and burned down Thronfield and took her life. Bertha Mason and Jane Eyre have many differences and similarities. Jane and Bertha both have dark hair, they’re both in love with Rochester, and they’re rebellious and passionate. But Bertha is described as being wild, almost like an animal as to Jane who is petite and delicate. Jane is honest and straightforward in contrast to Bertha who is seductive and flirtatious. Jane wants to fall in love and marry for love not money unlike Bertha who is the total opposite. In conclusion Jane’s female passion is expressed in her idealism, independence, straight forwardness and honesty while Bertha’s passion is expressed in a manipulative and seductive way. Jane is a woman with morals and ideal wife, who seeks for true love and affection unlike Bertha who is manipulative and who only got married for financial benefits. Being the fact that these two women are completely different they also have a lot in common like both having dark hair, being in love with Rochester, and both being rebellious and passionate characters.

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