Jane Eyer vs. Vivian of 'Pretty Woman'

Topics: Jane Eyre, Pretty Woman, Bullying Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: March 3, 2007
The movie Pretty Woman and the book Jane Eyre contain lower class girls who have higher-class lovers. They both have a scene in which their rich lovers take them out to get ‘rich, high class' clothes and accessories. Both men like to pamper their women, even though Jane and Vivian do not like it that much. But eventually Vivian does get to fancy being weighted on.

Vivian's lover is very much like Mr. Rochester. He is rich and loves Vivian so much that he wishes to make her ‘happy' by spending money on her. Rochester shows his love in the same way to Jane. Both Jane and Vivian feel humiliated while shopping. But soon after being pampered, Vivian started to like shopping. Jane, on the other hand, absolutely hated being pampered by Mr. Rochester. She did not choose a ‘glittery dress,' but a sober black satin one instead. Jane was annoyed and felt degraded every time Mr. Rochester bought some more things for her. Vivian was a bit nervous in the beginning of shopping, but started loving it soon after. Vivian and Jane are similar to eachother, but they are not quite the same in character.

If I had the choice to be either Vivian or Jane Eyre, I would choose to be Jane. Jane has the courage to make decisions and she has a high level of self-esteem. Also, I admire Jane's self-respect. Vivian might also have some of Jane's qualities, but I would not fancy being her. Jane makes up her mind, and sticks with it. But Vivian's opinions are easily swayed, as shown in the shopping scenes. Plus, it would also be lots of fun to have a lover like Mr. Rochester. In some ways I think the bond between Mr. Rochester and Jane is greater than of Vivian and her lover's. I know a lot more information about Jane than I do about Vivian, so I would play it safe and choose to be Jane Eyre.
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