Jane Austen Biography

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Jane Austen Biography
Jane Austen was a British novelist, who was born on 16th December, 1775. She was born in the village of Steventon Rectory in Hampsire, England. Jane Austen was the seventh kid of eight kids to her father George Austen (1731-1805) and her mother Cassandra Leigh Austen (1739-1827). Her family was well respected, because her father was a minister and her mother came from a patrician family. Jane Austen had six brothers and only one sister. The whole family were very close to each other and they did a lot of activities together, like reading novels from their own library or make small theater shows. Jane Austen had the closest bond to her only sister, Cassandra, and her brother, Henry. At an age of 8 years old, Cassandra and Jane were sent to Oxford, Southampton and the Abbey School at Reading to be educated. But both Cassandra and Jane caught typhus and Jane almost died, so the girls had to return home. Here both girls were home educated until 1785, where they attended Reading Ladies Boarding School. At the boarding school they studied French, spelling, needlework, dancing and music and, perhaps, drama. But Cassandra and Jane had to return home again, because the Austen’s could not afford to have both girls at the school. Their only education possibilities were studying and reading in the family library. In Jane Austen’s teen years she started writing high-spirited satires to amuse her family. She combined some of the pieces she wrote into different notebooks, which now are referred to as Austen’s “Juvenalia”. Austen also showed a lot of interest in Comedy and Drama and often participated in the family theater shows. During these years she also began working on her novel “Sense and Sensibility”. When Austen was twenty (1795) she met a young Irishman called Tom Lefroy. But Tom Lefroy’s family, did not think that a marriage between Lefroy and Austen was practical, because the Austen’s were too poor, so they send him away. After the failed...
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