Jane Addams Speech

Topics: Black-and-white films, Woman, Women's suffrage Pages: 4 (1389 words) Published: April 23, 2014
I. For many generations it has been believed that the woman's place is within the walls of her own home. But I am here today to tell you otherwise. I am here to tell you forget what others have told you. America is changing; therefore you must change with it. II. As society grows more complicated it, is necessary that woman shall extend their sense of responsibility to many things outside of her own home so she can continue to preserve the home in its entirety. Women are trained in the delicate matters of human welfare and need to build upon their traditional roles of housekeeping to be civic housekeepers. Women must exercise their civic duty and become involved in municipal affairs. A. Simple task

1. Keep house clean and properly feed children
a. But if Tenant house, most, cannot
i. Basement will not be dry, stairways will not be fireproof, house will not be provided with sufficient windows to give light and air, nor will it be equipped with sanitary plumbing, unless the Public Works Department sends inspectors who constantly insist that these elementary decencies be provided. 2. If the street is not cleaned by the city authorities-no amount of private sweeping will keep the tenement free from grime; if the garbage is not properly collected and destroys a tenement house, a mother may see her children sicken and die of diseases from which she alone is powerless to shield them. a. She cannot secure untainted meat for her household unless the meat has been inspected by city officials b. Nor provide fresh fruit, fruit decayed, sale in the tenement districts, has been destroyed in the interests of public health. 3. In short, if a woman would keep on with her old business of caring for her house and rearing her children she will have to have some conscience in regard to public affairs lying quite outside of her immediate household. The individual consciences and devotion are no longer effective. Women's lives revolve around responsibility, care, and obligation....
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