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Topics: Culture, World, Israel Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: April 1, 2011
The Hallowe’en Party
By Miriam Waddington

“The Halloween Party”, by Miriam Waddington, relates to

Para 1 loving- caring about his children
Mr. Luria makes responsibility his guideline for his family in the new world. As a father of two children, naturally Mr. Luria cares about them and their future. He doesn’t want them to be influenced by the different cultures that exist in Winnipeg, Canada. Mr. Luria buys a farm out in the country to give his children a better life and to protect them from the evils of the city life. He is proud of is family and “in his vision, the Lurias, were always the strongest, the busiest and most ardent pioneers.”(2). Being an immigrant from Russia, Mr. Luria wants to pick the best place that reminds him of his old home. He cares about his culture and wants to maintain it as best as possible because he doesn’t want his children “to forget who they are, where they belong”(28). Responsibility is presented in every behavior and decision that Mr Luria makes.

Mr. Luria is a traditional Jew and doesn’t want his family to forget their unique culture and religion. On the new farm, he begins talking about “his dream of a Jewish settlement on the banks of the Red River, an ideal farm community that would prove a thing or two to the world.”(2) When the two children, David and Helen are invited to a Halloween Party, Mr. Luria says that, “[they] ought not to celebrate a Christian holiday”(17). He “[insists] that it [is] a cultural symbol”(17). Mr. Luria is scared that “once [they] begin, even with a little Hallowe’en party, everything is lost”(28) In other words, he is scared that they will get influenced by these other cultures of the new world and then slowly lose what is means to be Jewish. It means so much to Mr. Luria to
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