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Brand Extension - Jamie Oliver - ‘Jamie’s Lunchbox’

An Overview of ‘Jamie’s Lunchbox’:

The Brand -

Jamie Oliver is the top celebrity for both being likely to persuade consumers to buy a product, and for being the most trustworthy celebrity according to a poll undertaken by UTalkMarketing.

“UK consumers are increasingly cynical when it comes to celebrity endorsement - they admire the straight talking approach of Jamie Oliver, who resonates much more with the everyday shopper than some global A-list celebrities” (Niall McKinney, Director of UTalkMarketing.com)1

Jamie Oliver has a vast range of his own products, including knives, pans, essential gadgets, table top items such as crockery, cutlery and linen-ware, and a vast range of outdoor dining and BBQ items. An extensive range of Jamie Oliver self branded foodstuffs are available in most supermarkets nationwide featuring pastas, sauces, fresh meats and herbs and spices.

Jamie’s success spans a number of media platforms, including his cookery books and factual, politically driven television programs, that give him high press and PR coverage.

The Extension -

‘Jamie’s Lunchbox’ is a new venture for the Jamie Oliver brand. It offers consumers quality but affordable breakfast and lunch items to eat in, on the go, or at their desks. The theory behind providing this is simple; using Jamie’s already established brand and well known values to attract consumers, who want that something a little more personal during their lunch break. All produce will be locally sourced and approved by Jamie and cooked to a high standard using recipes, created specifically for Jamie’s Lunchbox, by the ‘Naked Chef’ himself. All food served will be made fresh and in front of the customers. The first shop will be placed in the centre of London, with a view to more being opening throughout the cities. It will be targeted towards professionals and general ‘foodies’.

Why This Brand Extension? -

Jamie possesses several brand attributes that make up his personal brand, which are already highly established and recognized within the public domain:

High Quality - Jamie Oliver has been at the forefront of encouraging people, all over the country to eat better, including making organic and local choices a part of the everyday diet. He also insists on wholesome ingredients for his restaurants and television shows. This means that people all over the UK associate Jamie Oliver with quality and good taste.

Charity - The Fifteen Foundation, started by Oliver with his own personal funds, trains young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds in the culinary arts field while they work at an actual restaurant. However, this is not Oliver’s only instance of giving back; there are too many occasions to name, which is why his name is virtually synonymous with charity.

Activism - Jamie Oliver has been heavily involved in getting the government to improve their school dinner programs, which may be the best known instance of the celebrity chef’s activism. However, he has also been instrumental in the effort to get junk food manufacturers to voluntarily agree not to market to children. While many of his projects are works in progress, they nonetheless have built Oliver’s image as someone who speaks out.

Straightforwardness - This is the core of Jamie Oliver’s basic trustworthiness; his willingness to criticize even those close to him. He doesn’t hold back or hide his opinion for any reason. For example, Oliver has openly criticized Sainsbury’s (his own employers) due to them selling junk foods. People understand that Jamie Oliver will always give them an honest opinion, which adds to his credibility.

Simplicity - It is fairly well known that the ‘Naked’ in ‘Naked Chef’ refers to simplicity, not to actual nudity. Jamie Oliver has certainly taken on this quality as a key part of his brand.

With these platforms already...
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