James Oronoco Dexter

Topics: Black people, African American, Money Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: April 20, 2011
James Oronoco Dexter. Although this name doesn’t come up frequently in history, that doesn’t make him anything less than a revolutionary man. James Dexter used his natural talents and good characteristics to help benefit others. For every obstacle he faced, Oronoco proved his ability to be a hard-worker. Throughout his many occupations, Dexter was known as a trustworthy man. Also, James Dexter always had a certain determination for everything he did.

Throughout his life, James Dexter proved to be a hard-worker. Source 6 states, “…One hundred pounds a full compensation for the said Oronoko and therefore neither we our heirs Exr. nor any of the Creditors of the said James Dexter do or can claim any Right in or to the said Oronoko.” Dexter managed to work hard enough to earn enough money for his freedom. According to source 5, James Dexter was listed as a coachman in the 1794 Philadelphia directory. This proves that he was a hard-worker because he was able to free himself from slavery and work his way up to getting a good occupation as a coachman. In source 7, Isaac Zane explains how Dexter bought his own freedom and got enough money to pay back the money he borrowed for Priss’s emancipation. In order to get enough money to do these things, Oronoco must have had to work very hard.

James Oronoco Dexter was a trusted man. In source 1, Elizabeth Drinker says, “Oronoko cam this morning to know if I would ride with his Mistress, I agreed – he came for me about 11 o’clock, we rode about the city till one, when he drove me home to dinner.” During this time period, to have women alone with an African-American male was considered risky. For Elizabeth to have been allowed to ride with only Oronoco and his Mistress for two hours shows that he was trusted. In source 7, Isaac Zane says that Dexter borrowed money from his friends to buy Priss’s freedom, but wouldn’t marry her until he paid it back. The fact that Dexter made it a priority to pay his friends back shows that he...
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