James Oglethorpe

Topics: War of Jenkins' Ear, Prison, George I of Great Britain Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: February 1, 2012

James Oglethorpe is a well known man. He was the man who convinced the British to colonize Georgia. He was born December 22nd, 1696 in London, England. When he was a little boy, His oldest brother and father went to fight in the Spanish war of succession (1702-1714) ant never came home.

At the age of 16, he enrolled at Oxford Naval Academy and received a commission as an Ensign. After serving as a Aid-de-camp or personal assistant for the English ambassador for Sicily and the other Italian states, he returned to England in 1716 and was promoted to Lt. captain of the queen’s royal guard after being recommended by lords Argyle and Marlborough. These two men also brought him to the attention of Prince Eugene of Savory. It was in his service that he was promoted from a secretary to an Aid-De-Camp where he helped Prince Eugene fight battles on the Hungarian borders (where Prince Eugene’s army defeated the mighty Ottoman Empire’s Army which was twice his army’s size). When he returned to England, he served five months in prison because he killed a man in a brawl. Upon leaving prison, He became a member of the Parliament from Haslemere and would be elected for 32 terms in a row. James Edward Oglethorpe was an anti-slavery activist and fought for equal rights for all citizens.

People called James Edward Oglethorpe a Philanthropist for his benevolence; because he had a strong repugnancy towards the Impressment of seamen into the Royal Navy. He also had an immensely strong repugnancy towards the grody conditions of the overfilled jails. The jails had been soo gridlocked because people went to jail for not being able to pay their debts.

Prison Reforms

After he was elected into the parliament, James Oglethorpe had a friend named Robert Castel die in those hideous tarnished jails because he was put in a cell with someone who had small poxs and sought out a solution to end the overcrowding of the English jails. His friend had...
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