James Naismith: The Inventor Of Basketball
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I love to do a variety of things in my free time, including hanging out with my friends and going fishing, but my overall favorite activity is playing basketball. I wish I had the skill set to play basketball in college, or even in high school, but I simply do not. However, I have thoroughly enjoyed playing in my community’s recreation league for many years. I simply enjoy the physical activity and the game itself. This is why when asked who is the one person I would bring along on a car ride from Maine to California, my answer would have to be James Naismith.
For those who do not know James Naismith, he is the inventor of basketball. Since Mr. Naismith would be around 155 years old if he were still living, many people would think that
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I am sure he would have questions of his own. To answer these questions and illustrate the popularity of the game, we would make stops along the trip to see a several of games. The first game that we would go to would be to see the New York Knicks. Although the Knicks have not been very good this year, I would still take him here, so he could see the massive Madison Square Gardens Stadium. I am sure he would be dumbstruck by the size of the stadium and the number of people who attend to watch the game. Further along on our trip, I would take him to the University of Kansas, where he coached basketball for nine years. Once we were there, I would show him where Jayhawk basketball is currently played. Inside Allen Fieldhouse, I would challenge him to a one-on-one game. Of course, I would let him win because this game would not be about winning, but about the experience. After our visit to Allen Fieldhouse, we would continue our road trip, talking about anything and everything related to basketball both present and past. Our next stop would be to see a Los Angeles Lakers’ game. There would be nothing like seeing Kobe Bryant play a game during his final season. And of course, our final stop would have to be in Oakland to see the Golden State Warriors try to break the all time win record and win a second straight

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