James Naismith: The History Of Basketball

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The History of Basketball
The multi-million dollar, money making game of basketball has came a long way since its humble beginning. The sport of basketball was born at a training school in Springfield, Massachusetts. For a century, basketball was played with soccer balls and peach baskets. With outstanding players, evolving rules and records set, basketball has became an international sensation. This sport is enjoyed by people of all financial statuses and has transcended gender barriers. This has allowed some of the players to become legends in their own ways.
Unknowingly a man invented a game that would soon be played all over the world, his name was James Naismith. Naismith was born on November 6th, 1861 in Almonte, Ontario, Canada. Naismith...

By 1983, Hartford, YMCA set up a five-team league that drew over ten thousand spectators in just one winter. As more amatur teams competed for space at their local YMCAs throughout the Northeast, there were other sports and activities that were being shortchanged and complaining, forcing the YMCA officials to limit the playing time. The very first known professional league formed was in 1898 by teams in the Philadelphia area. The National Basketball League lasted until 1903.
By 1915, the game had grown drastically . Tailored balls had taken the place of soccer balls and backboards were being required along with metal rims and long wired baskets with open bottoms. It was standard for a five-man team and each player was only allowed four to five fouls before they were disqualified. The free-throw line was also set back to fifteen feet away from the baskets. Though the professional game remained in hibernation throughout the Depression years, college basketball began to...

Michael Jordan was full of greatness. “Everybody knows he’s going to get the ball, but you don’t know what he’s going to do with it,” said Michael Cooper, a former Los Angeles Lakers Star. Some called Jordan “a visitor from another planet.” Jordan had seven consecutive National Basketball Association scoring championships, four Most Valuable Player awards, 1984-85 Rookie of the Year award, 1987-88 Defensive Player of the Year, four-time National Basketball Association Finals Most Valuable Player, three-time leader in steals and was a member of the Olympic Dream Team in 1992. Although Jordan has achieved greatness and has received many awards his best achievement came when he led the Chicago Bulls to the top of the National Basketball Association mountain. With the help of Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant and John Paxson the Bulls reach the championship. The Bulls became the third National Basketball Association team to win three straight championship titles. Jordan then shocked everyone when he announced his retirement at age 30 in 1993 saying that there weren't anymore basketball worlds left for him to conquer. For two years Jordan pursued a career in baseball before returning back the the National Basketball...
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