James Madison

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Both, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson served very successful terms as president of the United States of America. Madison’s greatest accomplishment was the moral victory in the “War of 1812”, while Jefferson doubled the size of America with the “Louisiana Purchase”. Also, having an exceptional relationship allowed them to create the Democratic- Republican party. Despite sharing the same views on government, the aftereffects of their presidencies turned out to be far different. Because James Madison Resolved America’s Foreign Policy Issues, the New Country began to flourish internationally and economically. America improves economically by developing new inventions and industries, and progresses internationally by taking more authority when dealing with Europe.

Thomas Jefferson served as president of the United States from 1801- 1809. Before his presidency, federalist John Adams created two laws called the Alien and Sedition acts. The Alien act gave the president the authority to deport immigrants on any account. The Sedition act allowed the president to throw citizens in jail, even if they had done nothing wrong. These laws were not ruled unconstitutional because the entire Judiciary branch was made up of federalists, like Adams. When Jefferson became president he quickly repealed both of the laws. Jefferson also bought the Louisiana Purchase, which doubled the size of America. Napoleon of France needed quick money because they were at war with Britain, so he sold the land to America. Jefferson also had to deal with many foreign policy issues. At that time the British kept kidnapping and executing American sailors, who were accused of trading with Britain's enemy France. So Jefferson created the embargo act which denied all trade with Britain. Jefferson was praised for the buying of the Louisiana Purchase, but criticized for the creation of the embargo act.

James Madison served as president from 1809- 1817. During his presidency he allowed Louisiana...
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