James Madison's Contributions to These United States

Topics: Separation of powers, United States Constitution, Constitution Pages: 3 (956 words) Published: May 2, 2013
James Madison’s Contribution to These Unites States
There are a lot of great people out there that have done so much for the history of this great nation called the United States. Many are recognized for their doings and are appreciated to this day. While some are not even accredited for what they have contributed to this nation. Unlike someone unknown to most, James Madison is a very well-known man. He has helped the United States in many ways. Madison had theories and ideas to make the government as well as the state a better place. He is one of the great men that were credited for the Federalist Papers, which he used his own ideas and goals to help out the citizens and public.

Madison, like others, wanted to protect the people from tyranny, one of his many goals. Proposing to get the government beyond the direct control of the majority, separating the powers of government, and making a system that will allow each branch to check and balance their scales, sounded just right to James Madison. Separating the powers of government would make them independent and no single branch can control the other. Although he was afraid of the majority over powering, he also did not want the minority to do the same. That is why we do not directly appoint government officials. Madison would have liked for the vote or say so, to be equal. Separation of power did not completely make the branches independent from the other; they still need consent from one another. Because of this Madison had a goal to set power on power and a system of checks and balances were made. Making the government a more equal opportunity for everyone is one of Madison’s goals.

“If men were created equal, no government would be necessary,” said James Madison in the Federalist Papers. He is trying to make a point that if men weren’t so different and only wanted what was best for him, there would be no need for government. The government is here to try and make great decisions about the nation so...
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