James K. Polk: The Struggle Between The United States And Mexico

Topics: United States, Texas, Mexico, American Civil War, New Mexico / Pages: 2 (292 words) / Published: Oct 18th, 2017
James K. Polk was the president of the United States of America during the Mexican-American War. Congress agreed upon James K. Polk declaring war on Mexico. The war was fought over the possession of Texas. In 1836 Texas won their independence from Mexico. The United States of America wanted to annex Texas then, but did not because they wanted to avoid a war with Mexico. President Polk supported the annexation of Texas, regardless of the war that it could potentially start. Therefore, with James K. Polk’s support Texas was admitted into the union on December 29, 1845. After this event, tension rose between the United States and Mexico over border disputes. In July of 1845, James K. Polk ordered troops into the land between the Rio Grande Rivers

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