James Joyce , Sephen´S Religious Crisis

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Stephen´s religious crisis in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man | By James Joyce|

Stephen´s Religious Crisis

In this paper I shall examine Stephen´s religious crisis he has during the novel. The best way of doing this is following the paragraph from page sixty-six on my edition in which we can observe that Stephen´s crisis went from pride to submission, from order to inner chaos and from believing to not believing in God. The paragraph I’m talking about says: ¨The cheers died away in the soft grey air. He was alone. He was happy and free; but he would not be anyway proud with Father Dolan. He would be very quiet and obedient: and he wished that he could do something kind for him to show him that he was not proud.¨ Taking in to consideration this paragraph, I am going to analyze chapter by chapter and to talk about some of the crisis he had. In the first chapter, we have a lot of changes in his way of thinking about religion, but the main idea is that he believes in God and in all his creations. The first reference to something related to religion and Stephen, is on page seventeen when Stephen started asking himself what was beyond the Universe and if there was God, and later on, we can see him praying before going to sleep for himself and his family. On page thirty-three we can observe Stephen blessing the dinner. And at that dinner, it was the first time when Stephen doubted a little about religion and God, but more about churches and priests and their missions on Earth, because Mr. Dedalus and Dante had a conversation about which is the role of the priests in a church. Mr. Dedalus thought that priests were false and they were just as politicians and Dante thought that churches, priests and religion had nothing to do with politics and money. As you imagine, Stephen was wondering if his father was right and if religion was false. At the end of the chapter, few fellows of Stephan drank some altar sacred wine and they had...

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