James Joyce

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James Joyce

James Joyce was born on February 2, 1882. He was born in Dublin, Ireland. James Joyce's parents were, Mary Jane Joyce and John Joyce. His family was a mid-class family, his dad had many different unsuccessful jobs and his mother was an extremely talented piano player. His best subjects in school throughout his whole life were philosophy and languages. In college many of his school papers were published in newspapers and magazines.When James graduated school in 1902 he left Ireland to live a nomadic lifestyle. He moved to Paris at the age of 20 to become a journalist. Sadly he only spent a year in France and had to return to Ireland when he received a letter telling him that his mother was dying. After his mother passed away it was not long before he began traveling again. This time he was traveling with his girlfriend Nora Barnacle, who he married in 1931. Together they moved to Austria Hungry and then moved to Rome. In Rome James worked as a banker, but he did not like it. He felt like it was a waste of his time and talent. James thought it was keeping him from his love of writing. From Rome they moved to Zurich, Switzerland. Because of the Italian war James began to work even harder on his book Ulysses. While he was writing it, it was published in a magazine. After it was published he received some significant financial backing, which helped him take care of his wife and two kids and put all his energy into writing. The book was published by Weaver under the English Egoist Press and released to the Unites States. Joyce Published A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man in 1916 and Ulysses in 1922. James Joyce died on January 13, 1941 in Zurich, Switzerland. Religion, family, and cultural influences in James Joyce's life help him grow as a person, artist, and writer giving him the spark he needed to create some of the greatest novels in the 20th century. Although James Joyce's books are fiction, he uses his life experiences like religion as a kick...
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