James Gosling

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Success is to have attained an accomplishment by which you will be remembered decades due. James Gosling has certainly made a prominent mark on the history of IT.

Education and Career:

In 1977, James Gosling received a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Calgary. •In 1983, he earned a PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University. •His early projects included a build of the emacs bios, which we completed while employed by Sun Microsystems, in 1984 •One of his famous feats was incorporation of hyperthreading in UNIX based systems (multi-core processor computing multiple threads simultaneously) •In 1990, an internal project was incepted, named Stealth Project. James was the leader of a team of programmers with the goal to mimic C++, while adding a background “virtual machine”. •This project was renamed to Green Project, then to Oak, due to the tree outside his office. •Finally, in 1994, Java was conceived (ver. 1.0a2)


Java revolutionized the IT world, introducing the concepts of managed code (code that would take care of its own memory allocation, traditionally a torture for the programmer) and platform independence (a program ran on both Windows and UNIX). •He is currently vice president of Sun, which recently merged with Oracle. •For his accomplishments, he was awarded with the Order of Canada, the highest level of award attainable.


As a Canadian, he was one of the first to emerge a prominent figure in IT, a field where Canadians had not yet prospered. •He was the center of a large internal power struggle within Sun Microsystems
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