James Bond: How the Writers and Directors Met the Expectations of the Audience

Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: December 13, 2010
James Bond: How the Writers And Directors Met The Expectations Of The Audience

“The names Bond, James Bond” This is probably one of the most famous signifiers ever and it is the biggest film to ever come out of Britain! With Amazingly witty and powerful characters it’s no surprise! But what really are the ingredients to this amazing film that never disappoints?

We watched 3 different James Bond films which were ‘Dr No, Die Another Day and Casino Royale’ The Antagonist James Bond was played by a different actor each time which brought a lot of differences to each film. Dr No was the first James bond film to be made and was very successful the use of camera angles were very well chosen and complimented the scene that they were for. As the film went on grew more and more successful the directors had to use more than camera angles The way that Dr No was introduced was very clever in the way that we did not see him until later in the film; this gave the audiences imagination a chance to decide what the character looked like therefore they could be shocked when he really came on. James bond was introduced to us at a casino table and we first saw his hands shuffling a deck of cards after this we saw him but an over the shoulder shot was used so we still only saw the back of his head, this left us wanted to know what does James Bond look like then we finally saw his face. With his witty one liners James picked up a lady straight away and they both left the building together. James quickly got to work in Jamaica and was trying to find out information on Dr No who was thought to have been making nuclear weapons. When he realised there was none he went out to an island just off Jamaica were Dr No’s chemical plant was. When he arrived he met women named honey rider who was out collecting shells. We were introduced to this character with the first ever James Bond water entrance which saw Honey coming out of the sea and coming to meet James....
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