James Bond Casino Royale Coursework

Topics: James Bond, Casino Royale, Ursula Andress Pages: 4 (1655 words) Published: September 13, 2010
How does Martin Campbell, director of ‘Casino Royale’, engage a modern audience through his use of the conventions of the Bond genre?

“Shaken’ not stirred”. This is one of the most famous quotes in movie history from the ever so inspiring Ian Fleming. The unexpected massive franchise started in 1953 when Ian Fleming wrote his first book… “Casino Royale." The books became popular at a reasonably paced rate and then Fleming had a movie on his hands. In 1962 it came out. It wasn’t “Casino Royale”, his first book, but it was “Dr No”, the book he had wrote four years earlier. Forty-eight years later and the genre have grown bigger and bigger with the twenty-second film coming out just recently before I have wrote this. The conventions of Bond are well known; from his cars to the clothes he wears he carries an iconic look that everyone knows, but after time these are altered towards the modern age that we live in like in ‘Casino Royale’ when he uses a mobile phone. At our time mobile phones are an everyday object but at the time ‘Dr No’ was made it would be regarded as a dream design for the future. The suit he is always wearing in the older films gets used far less than normally for only when he plays poker. In the older films he used to go around basically everywhere with his suit on and defeat everyone in the not very easily manoeuvrable girl magnet. He may have changed this because of the sense of realistic ethics in movies at this age. Every time a new Bond film comes out it appeals to more and more audiences from little boys to grown women. If you are a man and planning to watch this film sat next to a woman, don’t! Unless if you want the woman sat there drooling on you over Daniel Craig, when he is coming out of the sea, until actress Eva Green walks in. If you don’t see what I’m trying to get too just then, then I’ll put it into two words what women want to see when watching this, James Bond. Children watch James bond for the action packed scenes...
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