James Bond

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From the beginning of the first novels written by Ian Fleming, he is said to be one of the most influential writers of the twentieth century, because of his contribution to literature and film by creating great novels and creating on of the most well known names in films. The adventure began in the early fifties when Ian Lancaster Fleming created the story Casino Royale on his Jamaican property called Goldeneye.1 Fleming transformed popular detective and spy/espionage from the dark, through the eye of secret agent 007. James Bond films are about a lady’s man/spy that has dedicated his life to a British intelligence agency called MI6. By utilizing the most technologically advanced spy equipment and specially designed vehicles that can withstand the most torturous conditions, he has to foil the plot of the villain from taking over the world. By using his wit and charm with the ladies, he also discovers valuable information, keeping him one step ahead. In this paper, I will draw attention to a few of the numerous films within this sub-genre and examine the process of the entire James Bond series. In a different view of this series, some diehard James Bond fans from a discussion board think to a certain extent that Bond films are spy spoofs and cannot be taken too seriously. James Bond films are a magnificent interpretation of the world of a spy. The creators of Bond aim to make the world of espionage appealing to the viewer instead of making it closer to reality, which would be more boring. Real spies don’t have invisible cars, do such extravagant stunts and put their lives in such danger. Real spies do most of their work sitting at a desk doing research. James Bond films exaggerate all the life threatening duties that sometimes come with being a spy. "I would not really call them spoofs or parodies. More definable as just a bit over the top," say Luke, an avid James Bond discussion board member. "It’s what is possible, but not plausible. Of course, there

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