Jamaica My Home

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Beverley McKnight

August 29,2013

My Home

My home Jamaica, will always be dear to my heart. “My Jamaica is a beautiful island, she is the

pearl of the Caribbean Seas our people there are free ' excerpt from Land of My Birth Eric


Jamaica is the third largest Caribbean Island originally inhabited by the Arawak people . It was

discovered by Columbus on his second voyage, (May 5, 1494 )to the Americas. Jamaica was settled

by Spanish Colonists and later English Colonists.

English is the official language but, however Patois or creole is spoken fluently. This is a mix of

english and african words.

I was born in Kingston the capital of the island and my fondest memories growing up as a child

was summer holidays. This is the time I would get to spend the entire summer in the country at my

grandparents home with my cousins. My grandparents' house sits on 5 acres of land in the hills of

St. Andrews .You can see an over view of the city because of the high elevation. At nights the view is

of little wigwams with tiny light bulbs on the top of each other. The road to the house is winding and

carries very sharp corners and the country buses blew their horns in rhymitic sounds to which the

children would sing “a pretty gal we want , a pretty gal we want”.

The vegetation was always green and you could always smell the fresh air as it wift over your face.

We could not wait to get our hands on the mangoes, starapples, tambrind, june plum, coconut water

and most of all swimming daily in the cool, cool river water.
Grandma's kitchen was the hub and this was a big outside room. All the “sweet cooking “was done

there. The bread baked daily the sweet potato pudding baked on the wood fire was known as “fire a

top, fire a bottom and hallelujah in the middle. This is the best pudding ever!
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