Jamaica Market Analysis

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Physical Environment

Jamaica is located in the Caribbean South of Cuba and is smaller in comparison to the
State of Connecticut. Jamaica encompasses an area of 10,991 sq km of water and mostly mountainous land, the highest point being Blue Mountain Peak at 2,256 m. The terrain is narrow with discontinuous coastal plain. The climate consists of a tropical, hot, and humid weather pattern. The country experiences hurricanes mostly between July and November. It is situated between the main sea-lanes of the Panama Canal, the Jamaican Channel and Cayman Trench. The country’s natural resources consist of bauxite, gypsum, and limestone. Jamaica has been experiencing environmental issues with high rates of deforestation, and coastal water pollution. Industrial waste, oil spills, and sewage have polluted its water and coasts and damaged its coral reefs. Harmful vehicle emissions have also contributed to the air pollution in Kingston, the country’s capital. In hopes to help fight such pollution and protect the health and safety of its residents, the country has participated in international environmental agreements (The World fact Book, 2012).

Political/Legal Environments
Jamaica gained their independence and enacted a Constitution August 6, 1962. Jamaica’s government is a Constitutional Parliamentary Democracy consisting of an Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branch. The parliamentary system was based on the U.K. model and supports freedom of expression and honors democratic traditions. Suffrage is universal and citizens are able to vote upon turning the age of 18. The Executive branch consists of a Governor General appointed by the chief of state, Queen Elizabeth II. There is also a prime minister and a cabinet. A bicameral Parliament comprised of 21 appointed Senators (under the advice of the prime minister), and 62 elected Representatives make up the Legislative branch. The Judicial branch, modeled based on the U.K. system,

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