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Why they eat these foods: 
Jamaicans enjoy many delicacies throughout the year, especially during the holidays. On Jonkunnu, a festive and vibrant celebration, Jamaicans drink rum and eat sno-cones (ice and flavoured syrup). They eat curried goat and spicy pork, jerked chicken, and rice with gungo peas (pigeon peas) during the Maroon Festival. (Jamaican Foods, n.d.)On Independence Day, they enjoy big meals of fish, curried goat with peas and rice and tropical fruits like mangoes and soursoup. Adults drink their favourite rum while children eat sno-cones. Jamaicans are very fortunate to be living in such great weather, because they have the opportunity to consume fresh and unique foods.(Wilson, 2004, pg.10) Due to food availability, Jamaicans eat a lot of dried berries that come from the pimento plant since it is a native crop. In addition, they eat a lot of seafood such as lobster, shrimp, saltfish, mackeral, jackfish and etc, due to the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. (Food in Jamaica,2010) Jamaica’s warm tropical climate allows them to enjoy fruits such as guava, ackee, plantains, coconuts and etc.

Music and dance are important factors in Jamaican people’s lives. Popular Jamaican music includes soca which has strong rhythms and derive from the area of Trinidad and Tobago. Other well known music genres include calypso, reggae, raggamuffin (ragga) and mento.(A brief history of Jamaican Music,2009) In addition, there are genres such as dancehall which is the ideal type of music for dancing, ska music which has fast rhythmic beats and rockstead music - this type of music is used for slow dances. (Barlas,1998) Dance is divided into 3 main subcategories: African derived, European derived and Creole. African dance is mainly religious and social dancing - dancing at big gatherings/celebrations. European derived, is a more modern and a western twist to traditional dancing. Lastly Creole dancing comes from European and African cultures mixed together....
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