Jakylle and Hyde

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Ana Gonzalez
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Erica Duran
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Have you ever been dissatisfied about your physical appearance, such as by not being tall enough, having perfect skin, having beautiful hair, or just simply having your dream body like models out there? Some people don’t just want to be “average” or “normal,” some want to stand out and get noticed. Some people will do anything to get there by doing things to themselves just to get people to notice their appearance. Others are not as lucky and don’t have a “normal” appearance or even come close to it. After living with deformities for so long, some people stop caring about their appearance after a while. Society stereotypes and rejects people who have deformities because they appear different; whether or not the person is actually good or bad. Some people believe that a deformed person is evil because their outward appearance reflects their personality; however, certain examples in movies reveal that their deformed appearance does not reflect the characters nature. Some people don’t see a person with a physical deformity as a normal person. These deformities include downs syndrome, cleft lip, dwarfism, and many others. Even though being deformed through accidents like being covered in stitches or becoming handicapped could also make the person an outcast, society will always observe people with natural deformities as an outcast. In his journal article, “Laughing at Cripples: Ridicule, Deformity and the Argument from Design,” Roger Lund states, “people stare at the ‘different’ because, some have never interacted with a person who is not a normal person. However, it is not always society’s fault on why some people stare, but it is the uneducated and unmannerly people who catch their attention.” If society would not have such high standards for a normal or average person based on the media, life would be a lot easier for everyone, especially for people who are deformed or disabled; in addition, they would be accepted as a normal person in society and not as an outcast.

People who have psychical deformities have feelings too. Ted Harge, a reporter, interviewed a thirteen year old girl, Marlie Casseus, who had a large tumor on her face, called Fibrous Dysplasia. Harge asked Marlie, “What was it like having an eight pound tumor on your face?” Marlie’s responded, It was horrible, I felt like a monster, my tumor was getting so big it was taking over my whole face, it got to the point where I couldn’t breathe so they had to make a hole on my neck so I could breath, and I was going blind as well, I was in pain all the time, I couldn’t enjoy my life as a normal teenager. I felt hopeless and I was just waiting to die, I hated going outside because people would always stare, and say rude things like, I’m a monster, and a punishment from God. I hated my life so much I would lock myself in my room waiting to die. Society affects so many people who are “normal” in so many ways, but just imagine living the life of a deformed person facing society. People with deformities are not monsters or outcasts, but they are humans just like everyone else, and deserve to be treated as such.

In the movie The Hunchback of Norte Dame, Quasimodo was a man that was born with a physical deformity, a hunchback. The townspeople saw him as a hideous man who was a creation of the devil. Not only was he hideous, but he was also a hairy man around his twenties that had a lot of strength, and that capability allowed him to move over rooftops quickly, swing on ropes and climb large structures with little difficulty. However, he was not capable of standing up straight due to his hunchback. Quasimodo was also seen as a monster because he had a leg longer than the other and it caused him to wobble instead of walking properly; in addition, he was a lot shorter than everyone from the village. What made Quasimodo monstrous as well was he had bright red hair which...
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